Pneumatic Oyster Knife

Air Supply: The air supply must be 100% clean, there should be no water, oil or dirt present. A good quality compressor in good condition should be used. A filter combination set to remove the above impurities must be used. All new air supply systems should have air blown through before the knives are connected. Should the knife stop operating, the piston and barrel will need to be removed and cleaned. To do this hold the base of the knife in a vice and unscrew the top half of the body using a 10? crescent (shifting spanner). When assembled,the flats on the base should align with the flats on the top part of the body. Air Pressure: The compressor must be of sufficient size to maintain a minimum 120 psi. A 12 cfm compressor will run 4 knives that are in good condition. The air consumption increases as the knives wear. A new knife can be run as low as 50 psi. The lower the pressure the less wear. Adjust pressure with knife running. It should vibrate smoothly not hammer. Pressure Control: It is impossible for the operator to develop a good opening technique it the knife becomes unpredictable due to fluctuating air pressure. The air pressure must be regulated to obtain a constant pressure, it must not rise and fall when the pressure switch stops and starts the compressor. A lot of systems now have a regulator for each individual knife, this allows an operator to adjust to their best suited pressure. Blade Position: The blade can be turned and locked in any position to suit the operator. To adjust, hold the top half of the body in the vice with the blade pointing up. Loosen the stainless steel nose cap with crescent. Use another crescent to turn blade to desired position. Holding the blade in this position screw down nose cap which will lock against the internal blade retainer preventing further movement. Cleaning: The knives are easily cleaned by running while submersed in clean water. The piston barrel set should be removed and wiped clean every 100hrs of use. Lubrication: The knives run perfectly well with no lubrication at all. However the use of a very light food grade oil will reduce wear resulting in longer service. Our trials so far have only one food grade oil that does not clog up internal parts. We recommend Quaker State FCI Isopure USP 90. Blade Spring: The blade spring must be kept in good condition. A weak or broken spring will causes excessive blade movement resulting in premature wear of blade and internal square. Disclaimer The purchasers of this product agree that under no circumstances will Ameripure Processing Co. or its agents whether based on contract, negligence, strict liability or otherwise be liable for any special, incidental, consequential or exemplary damages associated with the operation of this product.
Pneumatic Oyster Knife
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